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Traverse America was started by a couple of people with a great passion for everything Latin American. Between us, our crew has covered a lot of Latin American territory as travellers and guides. While planning our own trips we noticed a lack of information on the internet that focuses on all Latin American destinations and decided to put together Traverse America to allow easy research of the area and a forum where like-minded explorers can share their travel experiences. Traverse welcomes all people interested in Latin America to help the site grow by contributing their own stories and photographs. Our hope is for those planning trips to Latin American countries to use Traverse America to gain ideas about where to go, by learning what places are really like through the descriptions of others.

A website like this does not happen overnight, the process is a long one. As the contributors move throughout Latin America they add to it bit by bit. If you would like to write for the site the please contact us on

Sergio Sariel Landestoy Vázquez (Cuba)


Born and raised in Cuba's 3rd oldest city, the beautiful Trinidad. Sergio began his secondary education in Trinidad's Fine Arts School, where he explored painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture and design. Later, he entered the Central University of Las Villas to study 'English Language and Literature' for 5 years, graduating as a translator and English Interpreter, with extra knowledge in German.

Next Sergio went onto work in travel agencies around Cuba and with his language abilities, fell into tour guiding, where today he continues to enjoy talking to travellers about life in the beautiful Caribbean island, its history and culture. Sergio has been putting together the Cuban pages for Traverse America.

Claire Ward (New Zealand)


When Claire Ward wrote 'professional traveller' in the careers box for her high school year book, she didn't realise that she would be prophesizing the next 14 years of her life, but after completing a travel and tourism course, she went on to a life of adventure spending summers working in a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps; doing all-you-can-jump-all-day bungee (four times in an hour and a half).

As a travel agent in ubiquitous London, and ended up on a $15 a day budget for a year in South America, where she hitch-hiked through Argentina, hammock-boated down the Amazon and scaled 6000m+ mountains. This is where her passion for Latin America began and still continues today, as she works as a tour leader for one of the largest tour operators in the area.

Robin Esrock (Canada)


Before deciding to escape responsibility on his 30th birthday by taking off to see the world, armed with a playful wit and a trusty Mac computer, Robin didn't lead a normal life, but it did get a whole lot wackier. What was supposed to be a 12-month escape has somehow turned itself into the most unlikely career. He has written about his adventures for several major newspapers worldwide, including the Vancover Sun, Chicago Tribune, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald and the Cape Town Argus, among many others. Robin loves Latin America and has journeyed there many times, including just recently to Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela, with a film crew documenting his travels for an upcoming TV show for a travel network. Robin (a.k.a. Modern Gonzo) has a successful website of his own, where he describes his worldwide adventures. At last count, he has visited 71 countries, and despite antibiotics, there's no killing a travel bug.

Val Murray (Australia)


Since finishing a tourism major, Val simply hasn't been able to sit still. He has traversed most of the world but the lure of Latin America has brought him back numerous times and he now considers it home. On a stop-over in Mexico on his first world tour, he witnessed the friendliness and fun nature of the Mexican people.

This is a trait he quickly discovered in all cultures spanning from the north of Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina. Val quickly learned Spanish and recently studied Latin American cultures at a Mexican university. He now leads groups through Mexico, Central America, South America and Cuba, helping others to experience the wonders of the area.

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